Waste (agricultural, medical, water, municipal) has for the most part been significantly underutilized. Contrary to what its name implies, most materials found in “waste” can be processed into valuable products. GIVE is working with technologies that enable such transformations, including paper, metal, plastic and glass recycling. Plastics and paper, as well as solid hazardous waste, can serve as fuel for electricity generation using gasification (traditional and plasma) paired with syngas engines or combustion in high-pressure boilers paired with steam turbines. Organic residues can additionally be used to produce renewable electricity through anaerobic digestion paired with biogas engines. Further, thermochemical routes can be used to process materials with high carbon content. GIVE has evaluated technologies for utilizing these materials, including catalytic depolymerization for production of diesel, catalytic synthesis of hydrocarbons from syngas, and pyrolysis followed by refining.

Industry Challenges & Solutions

Sourcing and Management of Landfill Areas: Increasing populations are creating more waste and landfills that are a poor allocation of land use. GIVE has sorting technologies for separating waste for high energy and recyclables, to provide organics to methane and bio-digestion, and to minimize the need for land and maximize its environmental land use.
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