GIVE addresses technical inadequacies with cutting-edge, vendor agnostic solutions. Our business philosophy is centered on giving back to the environment, customers, communities, and employees. The company’s leadership hinges on its commitment in strengthening each link from agriculture, process and technology to marketing of eco-fuels. GIVE has designed various approaches to produce liquid fuels from sugars. It uses a holistic view that includes select steps from farming to biofuel production. These designs include the production of ethanol from sweet sorghum rotated with various nitrogen-fixing food crops. The additional use of sweet sorghum can enhance the productivity of sugarcane production.

The use of co-products is always considered, for example, production of electricity or briquettes derived from the bagasse and other green matter, and production of fodder and feed stakes from stalks and grains of the sorghum. The technology for ethanol fermentation of sweet sorghum juice is similar to that of sugarcane, consisting of fermentation of sucrose by industrial yeast strains. Designing intelligent, intuitive solutions is GIVE’s raison d'être. Our global centers of excellence ensure conformance to industry best practices. We never harm the local environment and ensure improvement in the food chain. Crop rotation practices ensure change every two years. GIVE maintains biological diversity, soil protection, energy-food balance, weeds, diseases and pest control. Emphasis on intercrops ensures system sustainability.

GIVE clearly understands that its sugar assets will play a significant role in the development of a future BioEconomy. Sugars can also be fermented to renewable chemicals, such as commodity intermediates (succinic acid, propanediol, etc.), biodegradable plastics or their precursors (polyhydroxyalkanoates, lactic acid, etc.), as well as fine or specialty chemicals. Our experts are well informed of developments and are strongly connected to synthetic biology and metabolic engineering communities, at the core of the fields that transform pathways into a reality. Specific and creative solutions ensure that GIVE Global Energy remains at the forefront of global initiatives. The team remains intensely committed to finding newer scalable, eco-friendly answers for corporations, governments and communities to address viable energy independence.

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