Solar electricity has attracted significant attention for its ability to deliver readily-used energy from a fixed investment with low operating costs. GIVE is developing solar energy projects in various countries that have stable and reliable solar resources, minimizing the need for storage and avoiding intermittency issues to the greatest extent possible. GIVE is working with technology companies that have best-of-breed solutions in the solar space, in particular, providing inexpensive non-hydraulic dual-tracking systems and increasing the efficiency of photon-to-electron conversion.

The Value Proposition of Solar

Solar offers a number of significant benefits to the complex issues of today's energy landscape. These benefits include:
  • Budget certainty and a hedge against volatile and increasing commodity prices
  • Photovoltaic solar generates 100% of its electricity during peak energy usage times (energy demand and costs - in particularly those related to air conditioning - are highest during the late morning and early afternoon, when the sun is the strongest)
  • Low maintenance costs and absolutely no fuel costs (sunlight is free!)
  • Carbon credit incentives, rather than costs, in a carbon-regulated environment
  • Solar is a clean source of energy

Power Purchase Agreement

For customers seeking zero upfront costs and competitively-priced electricity, GIVE offers the Power Purchase Agreement. No Upfront Costs: GIVE finances and retains ownership of the solar system.

Revenue Opportunities

Solar farms present revenue-generating opportunities for landowners seeking alternative uses of their property. We partner with landowners and building owners interested in hosting systems constructed for the sale of electricity to utility companies. Under these arrangements, GIVE enters into long-term lease structures.
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