GIVE selects best of breed technology matched to available renewable resources such as wind, solar and biomass. GIVE integrates industry research and technical know-how to customize (for local needs and resources) strategies and solutions that respect the environment and enhance economic and educational development. 

Our presence is especially welcome in countries that heretofore have not benefited from proven technologies which allow independent viable energy adapted to their resources. GIVE’s relationships with esteemed agricultural and bio-energy research centers and universities around the world afford GIVE the privilege to create road maps for the next generation of bio fuels and bio-chemicals.

GIVE Global Present^ and Past* Consultancies

Requested by government to recommend technology and design of new sugarcane based boilers and enhance productivity by supplementing feedstock with sweet sorghum.

GIVE has been invited by iQ Power Inc. and the Prime Minister in Mistrata to design and manage a 50 MW solar installation and evaluate technologies including hybrid concentrated solar, PV and gas.

Ethanol from sugar and sweet sorghum with co-generation of heat and electricity from bagasse.

Renewable electricity from dedicated cellulosic sorghum plantations and ethanol for clean cooking stoves.

 Greece* [designs awaiting economic recovery]
Renewable electricity from agricultural residues (olive waste and tree trimmings)
Renewable electricity from solar panels with dual digital tracking
Processing used tires to environmentally safe electricity

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