GIVE Expands Expertise in LNG-based Energy

GIVE Global Energy has been a senior advisor to Liberty –CITIC Energy in negotiating and designing the first gas port for CLEAN Energy in the Senegal. Liberty-CITIC Energy Ltd., a Cayman Islands based consortium between Liberty Eco Energy LLC and the China International Trust and Investment Corporation Private Equity (CITIC PE), have formed a Senegal company, SenPower, S.A to build the first gas port in The Republic of Senegal to be located in Dakar. Liberty-CITIC will utilize gas from a floating storage and re-gasification Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) system to power 150 MW of new gas fired power generation along with 150-300 MW of present government assets to be converted from heavy fuel oil and diesel to gas. Such will be supplied by Liberty-CITIC under a power purchase agreement (PPA) with SENELEC, the national electric company of Senegal. The System will deploy a specially designed vessel at a sea-based terminal to re-gasify the LNG from an arriving tanker and transport the gas via new pipelines directly into the power grid's generating assets. here will be a permanently moored LNG Floating Storage Unit (FSU) chartered by Liberty-CITIC with a capacity of approximately 170,000m³.

Liberty-CITIC is working with Applied Technology Management (ATM) and CARDNO/ENTRIX, project management engineers, with respect to the design, coordination and supervision of the construction of the gas port. Tony Thornton, CEO of Turbine Technology Services, serves as chief consultant to Liberty-CITIC with respect to the deployment and conversion of power generation assets.

The Republic of Senegal has been faced with a major continuing power crisis. The realization of this project will be a major step towards alleviating the energy crisis in Senegal. The people of Senegal will enjoy lower electricity bills along with energy security. Additionally, in addition to creating electricity, GIVE is working with SenPower to provide methanol converted from gas for Project GAIA ( which has a globally successful program of providing ethanol and methanol along with clean cooking stoves to help arrest the health and environmental destruction caused by making and burning charcoal. Gas will also spur industrial development such as cement and petrochemicals. The savings to the environment and economy by replacing heavy fuel and diesel in addition to providing clean new energy will be transformational.
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