GIVE has embraced the importance of biomass as a renewable energy source that can reduce the carbon footprint, stimulate local economies, and provide energy independence. GIVE selects state-of-the-art technology for given local resources to create viable green electricity.

These include, among others, combustion in high pressure boilers paired with steam turbines; anaerobic digestion of high-moisture organic material paired with biogas engines and, in select cases, gasification paired with syngas engines or combined cycles.

Each project is individual and not a set template where one size fits all. GIVE adapts local resources to local needs. One example is briquette manufacturing in Haiti to stop deforestation. GIVE is working with governments of developing countries to use renewable fibrous biomass to produce cooking briquettes for fuel and thereby reducing the need to cut down trees and pollute the air with charcoaling smoke.

Although technologies for production of fuels and chemicals from lignocellulosic biomass are not as mature as those for electricity or briquettes, GIVE is constantly evaluating options for production of fuels and chemicals from lignocellulosic biomass. GIVE is also keeping focus on thermochemical and biochemical technologies that can be used for production of fungible (or drop-in) biofuels.

Global biomass use is projected to increase in the next two decades. With process expertise, industry knowhow, land holdings and global research relationships, GIVE has strategically placed itself to meet global client requirements.

Industry Challenges & Solutions

Cost Competitiveness: Generally traditional fossil fuel power plants produce cheaper electricity than alternative forms of energy. GIVE believes that the long term benefits of renewable fuel sources which are friendly to the environment and create economic development far outweigh any short term savings from fossil fuels.

Transmission Constraints = Opportunities: When power plants need to be located in remote places far from the grid, GIVE provides independence by supplying energy scaled to the local needs and resources. GIVE also works on projects that connect directly to the grid to provide green electricity.

The development of grid-independent biomass power plants, for example in India, can provide micro energy facilities off the grid and scaled based on land constraints with crop choices selected according to unique climates and soils.

Government Policies: Macroeconomic fundamentals, government mandates, and policies are subject to constant change, all of which can impact the sector in profound ways.

To avoid these risks, GIVE works exclusively with the consensus of governments, local industry leaders, farmers and NGOs. Where GIVE is welcome, we work hard to provide best-of-breed energy development, technology transfer, and economic development.

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